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  Well-known phrase of marriage such as shoes , do not fit only you know. Shoe likened marriage this argument has been widely accepted .

   I often quote YiShu text : "high heels is a woman the beginning of fall , because of a reluctance to take the bus , took aim at private" to illustrate the mentality of shoes with a woman closely .

  Shoes are a woman's friends , togetherness, shoes are also the enemies of a woman , do not believe you look at a lot of women scarred foot bar.

  To identify the woman through the mentality of shoes , but also a very interesting angle ah.

  Let me an example worthy of observation , so we can go see if in the bus station waiting on the ground, you bow one aim , women are almost exclusively flat shoes , if it is midnight in front of the bar , then the all- Hentian high , bucket zero Zeng ( such as needle-like with high heels ) . women as desperate to squeeze into the slender legs high-heeled shoes , like looking for ways to put their vehicle into a luxury car, even to pay for the expense of suffering flesh .


  Every woman's closet has flat shoes, high heels, just as a woman's fickle as a woman of the same mind and shoe complex , but a pattern. Still a regular.

  We intercepted a particular fragment to identify a woman's heart through the shoes , so have law at all . Then the " blind date" is a very significant representatives of the environment, but also for identifying women with psychological needs.

  The first blind side , the man to see the woman , from the dress, makeup start ? There are too many doorways , but also inevitable that some "disguised" component , the male is difficult to see what tricks while looking shoes easiest and most realistic. 

  1 From the category concerned , one is comfortable flat shoes , such as when the blind child to see the girls wear flat shoes , indicating that the woman is a simple type of woman , as if it is similar to ballet shoes flat shoes , elegant models , indicating the woman Neixiu , feminine, but not play , such as wearing shoes or canvas shoes, the type of woman little fun in life , perhaps a female man . wedge heel , or relatively safe in low heeled shoes , the type girls efforts , and pragmatic. these three women for marriage material desires are less demanding , along down for marriage type.

(2) high heels , is in fact represents the desire level. Determine the height of the heel can be measured by the degree of this person's strong desire , if the texture is good Hentian high shoes while wearing a woman of eighty , as if the shoes Health in the feet , the kind of woman self-demanding , the cause of love has a strong desire to succeed , and most have a good background to do her best and the other half go careerist match .

  In many cases, the woman's hate day high was relatively poor texture , while those people who like to walk on stilts kind , then this type of woman is hot and no desire to self-knowledge , most of whom came from slightly cold, poor background , rush through married to change dilemma, while the other half or family life has a crazy desire can not control , such as severe psychological comparisons . want to get married or pass go.

3 If the packet is wearing foot , or rivets , special shoes for women are more , and desire nothing , that is very self, need each other to accommodate and even some princess disease .
4.如果穿人字拖的,简单说心不在焉.根本不会把 你放在心上.
4 If you wear sandals , simple said absently . Simply will not put you in mind.

5 degree shoes delicate spice of life and marriage is proportional to the quality of life is proportional to the degree of refinement , cleanliness and housework capacity is proportional to the marriage .

    In fact, many women are consciously take the shoes in planning their own life , the pursuit of inner feelings , stable , willing to choose shoes internal texture, look assertive style of love , in fact, for there is not yet fully mature attitude to life , love will like her shoes, only the pursuit of the same changes and external , it is difficult for a long time . Why women loving shoes , probably the most beautiful kind of life expectation bar.

   After years of sedimentation , who both look beautiful, intrinsic and comfortable breathable, do not give your feet suffer shoes, even high-heeled women can also be manageable Rulvpingdi That is not to practice a " wear prada women magic "as a heat up .

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